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  • Partnership Disputes
  • Failure to Perform
  • Payment and Collection
  • Business Tort Claims
  • Fraud
  • Business Purchases
  • Employment Law
  • Breach of Contract
  • Unfair Competition
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Misrepresentation


Our Winning Philosophy



A business dispute can cripple your company and threaten its very survival.  We bring the knowledge and methods necessary to quickly resolve business litigation matters throughout Southern California, so you can get back to business.  We are results-oriented, with a constant eye on the bottom line.  If your business needs the highest level of professional litigation services, contact Morris & Stone.  We will skillfully and aggressively protect your business interests in California and Federal trial and appellate courts.


Suffered a breach of contract, or are you being falsely accused of breaching a contract?  We bring the knowledge and methods necessary to quickly resolve breach of contract matters and any other business litigation matters throughout Orange County and Southern California.  We are results-oriented, with a constant eye on the bottom line.  Our cutting-edge technology and techniques allow us to bring you the highest quality legal services, usually at a fraction of the cost charged by other firms.  Call now for a no-cost consultation at (714) 954-0700.


Morris & Stone provides exceptional legal representation to businesses and individuals in several area of law, and extensive experience on appeals.  No judgment obtained by Morris & Stone has ever been reversed on appeal, but we have repeatedly prevailed on appeals for our clients.  Bringing in new counsel for an appeal brings a fresh perspective to the case.  The trial attorney may just be too close to he case to see the big picture.  Most of our appeal victories came after the client was told by their trial counsel that a victory on appeal was not possible.  Be sure to review our News page for details on several of our appeal wins.  Our attorneys bring creative solutions to all your litigation and appeal requirements.  Whether your appeal is based on Breach of Contract, Employment Law, Defamation, Internet Law, Business Matters or virtually any other area of civil law, let us save your case.


"Perhaps it is my age or 40+ years of experience in the law, but it is compelling to comment that the performances of both counsel in this case, in terms of dedication to the law, to their clients, and to their scholarship make me proud to again call myself a 'Lawyer.'"

-- Judge Robert J. Polis (Ret.), Orange County Superior Court Judge commenting on the performance of counsel from Morris & Stone.

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